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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Cows go around saying Moo,
But the wind goes around saying Woo,
Ghosts say Woooo to you too,
And sometimes they say boo to you too,
But everybody has heard the wind but a few people have heard the ghost,
So it is commonly supposed the wind says wooo the most.

Scientists try to tell you that the wind is caused by atmospheric conditions at the north pole or over distant Canadian ranches,
But I guess scientists don’t ever go to the country because everybody who has ever been to the country knows that the wind is caused by the trees waggling their branches,
On the ocean where there are no trees, they refer to the wind as gales,
And it is probably caused by whales,
And in the Sahara, where there are no trees or whales either,
they call the wind simoom or something,
And it is the result of the profanation of Tutankhamen's tomb or something.

Some people are very refined,
And when they recite poetry or sing songs they pronounce wind, wined,
Well, dear wined, everytime you say woooo,
Why I wish you would say it to the people who say wined,
right afer you have said it somewhere where somebody is making fertilizer or glue.

The cow is of the bovine ilk,
one end is moo, the other, milk.


Its funny how I started illustrating this particular piece. Being a devout fan and a defender of the myth behind the Lochness monster, this fanaticism triggered off as soon as I watched another film 'Hallam Foe', which was shot on the banks of the Lochness lake (and had nothing to do with the monster). Seemingly appalled at the fact that the ship bears a closer resemblance to a swan rather than the monster, I decided to shelve it away. However, I couldn't stop working with the amazing felt-tipped pigment markers and decided to complete this piece anyway! Call me a zealot. I christened it by the Greek term for merciless which is 'Nemilos'.

The Black forest

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It would be interesting to note that the 'black forest' which so often makes an appereance in popular western fables and mythologies has indeed, an equally interesting history behind it. It is the birthplace of, and is synonnymous to a worldwide phenomennon known as the 'black forest cake', and also of the first cuckoo clock ever made. However, being a fan of the culinary arts I would rather emphasize on the former. In reality the Black forest exists in southwestern Germany in Badden-Wuttenberm, a place known for bitter winters and twisted, knotty trees. After reading the details about it, a small theme began to unfurl in my head.

The origins of the black forest gateau, (or cake) owes itself to a young, relentless landscape artist, Meinweg, who through her magic used ingredients from nature's bounty to decorate the landscape in the few months that summer lasted. Since the harsh winter would drown the townsfolk in sheer gloom, she worked very hard at creating a natural wonder with the help of the 'Ruthmeistein' or the 'faerie rabbits' that were considered a nuisance in that area. The rabbits did their bidding by helping the young girl and often contributed their own stock for this sake. The Ruthmeistein even sent food up from their burrows to be churned into pulp into the large knotty trees.

The townsfolk began to replicate the same using their baking tools, and voila! The Black Forest Gateau surfaces.

Speaking of which....I'm hungry. :P

and gawd, I'm tired!!

नोकीली बिल्ली (Pointy Kitty)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

A sudden brainwave attacked the lethargic minds of two hens two days ago. It reminded Tarka and I, that our time on this planet is very short. So quite gallantly, we undertook this project, thanks to Patil's wonderful stitching skills and me for diving into the garbage box in the textile studio, in the hope of rummaging some loose cloth. We had no materials to speak of, and were reluctant to shed a dime. So what did we do? A torn kurta, some loose yarns, a pair of buttons. Nearly everything we used in this project was borrowed, including scissors. We are two MIGHTY PAUPERS with a BIG dream. And we made it HAPPEN. Yay!!

In these pictures you can see our pet frolicking with Mana's mice. They had a mighty sweet time together in the photoshoot!

A new venture

Friday, January 16, 2009

My family's up to some serious business rearranging all the furniture of the house to suit the needs of Buttercup Das and Bongo Roy.

A new pet! :) :) :) :)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The sheer beauty and grace of this animal had me hypnotised the first time I laid eyes on it. A powerful nocturnal creature, the black ghost knifefish now rests atop a large aquarium on my table, one I bought few days black, lovingly christened by the name of 'Gloopus major'. My hysteria has known no bounds since the time it has arrived, and watching it glide across the water has become one of my greatest pastimes. It is also an electric fish and originates from the Amazon basin

Darling buds of may

Monday, January 5, 2009

Sunday afternoons at a neighbourhood convent.

Out of another black diary..

I do not do voodoo, but I have dolls who look like my friends".

I'm thinking of doing a small comic book based on the illustration above. I've always been fascinated with the dark arts and this would be a close reminder of all the research I had done a few years ago. By the way, are you aware of the fact that physical traits can determine whether you are a witch or a warlock?

All witches and warlocks have attached earlobes!! I think you need to take a closer look into the mirror....
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