The eternal Piedra

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

 This is just another spontaneous sketch I attempted while I tried my best to steer myself away from the ongoing character and personality design course. I initially started out by drawing one of the main characters from my upcoming story, "The Third revelation", but turns out, I felt summoned by those wavy medieval damsels with heavy lashes once again. As for my upcoming story, I will be posting some illustrations as soon as I'm done with the last chapter.   

The holiday mutt

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Our resident dog from the NID campus, with perhaps a whole catalogue of names to its credit. Add two pairs of white stockings and a pair of melting brown eyes and you have our darling lil mutt. Loves to burrow into the sand to avoid the sultry weather and of course, sleep off those extremely long afternoons. A common visitor to our BBC area, enticing us with its feverish wags. A real gem of our campus.  

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