Saturday, June 21, 2008

This was an illustration that I attempted during the Visual Language lectures last semester. Back then, I started out by drawing random features in detail without really knowing what the form would end up like. I wouldn't really call it a sea horse, but I guess the form came through after watching many underwater documentaries that month. :P.
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The Carbon groove

Monday, June 9, 2008

Another friendly mutt from my neighbourhood black lab society known by the name of "Carbon". He is such a cool dog. And let me tell you there's a limit to how cool a dog can be. This kiddo didn't even know how to bark till two months back! Unlike my dogs, he doesn't seem to have a panic button in his system, this guy won't even bother the newspaper chap. Totally chilled out. I don't know but I kept getting this image of the hippie seventies whenever I looked at him!?! So I did this photoshoot on him and dug my eyes into some playful rendering techniques as soon as I reached home. He may not be the ultimate guard-dog, but he sure can groove!!

Backyard aesthetics

My mom's vegetable garden has been doing quite well this month. Thanks to the never-ending downpour, even the pests seem to have taken a back seat and let Gaia unfurl her magical harvest. I was particulalry impressed by how well the pumpkin grove was doing, and as I moved in for a closer look under the bamboo frame, I was amazed by the way the light came filtering through the bamboo mesh and accentuated the creepers. I don't know, but it looked pretty to me! :P If I were to choose the most beautiful vegetable, I'd choose brinjal (don't have those growing right now!) because I simply love the deep tone, unlike any purple I've seen before and the smoothness of its surface. Gawd, you must be thinking I'm crazy!!

Nestled in the tea shrubs

What I love best about June is the aftermath of prolonged showers. A shimmery green landscape that soothes your eyes. It's almost like you're staring out of green-tinted shades, only more natural. Today was one such day when I was glad to abandon my umbrella and trek across the meandering tea estate paths. It's something that I have been doing since childhood, but nowadays, its become more of a solitary retreat (ocassionally accompanied by my dogs). I can guarentee you, that Assam is the only place where you'll find goats smaller than a tea shrub! I like to call them pygmy goats, who seem to be blissfully unaware of their abnormally short stature as they go grazing across the lowlands. What's more, you'll find long-lashed pygmy cows here, and not to forget the nearly endangered 'pygmy hogs' that are found only in Assam. Anyways, while I was strolling, something shiny caught my attention. Nestled safely upon the canopy of the tree shrubs, was a beautiful turquoise egg. But what's the amazing part is that there was not a single nest nor a tree near this spot! How could an egg have emerged from nothingness?? Ah! But that's where the 'dispersal' phenomennon comes into play. Perhaps, a handiman must have plucked from a nest and (godforbid!) forgotten to retrieve it. Anyways, I've adopted it, and am reading articles on 'artificial insulation' and praying that one morning, a little head peeks out and goes 'Chirp!'. That would make my day!
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