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Thursday, April 15, 2010

There is a certain need of a chimera at times when your thoughts play themselves out in a veritable loop of images. When this happens, you know that you need to deviate. After seven months of constant rumination over my film, I picked up my pencil to create something distinctly different from it. As I stared at the sheet lying before me, I was conscious of the 'blackhole' which was slowly forming inside my creative cranium and I said, "Fie! I can't think of anything?!".

I drew a dot and circled it...hmmmm....a tadpole...nope...clumsy

With no apparent image in my head I started to search for things I had been ruminating about besides my film. Lets say...constellations for instance. A friend of mine had once joked that he would ask me to create constellations representing anima kingdoms if his holiness ever wished to hire someone from earth (Why on earth would he do that?!). Needless to say, I felt the tip of my pencil quivering as I began my odyssey to represent this absurd concept.

After developing an elaborate mesh of dots, I decided to combine features of a bobcat and a jack rabbit. It still needs a lot of work as I am yet to position the stars..will upload that once it is complete.
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