The mysticism of orange

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I just felt like exploring a little more in photoshop. I've never really used gradients before, so it was kinda fun trying out different colour schemes.

When Buttercup resembles a cow

Buttercup resembles a cow when you try to wake her up in the morning. You try to lure her out of her slumber by tugging at her cheeks and upturn both her ears. She'll grunt and blow a gust of breath from her nose and twitch her paws. A total dose of canine bliss. Even when you bring a camera a few inches away from her nose, she wouldn't bother. A few dancing chickens wouldn't wake her. Alas, in such moments what you can really do is stare at that droopy face and melting eyes and wonder, "I wish I too could be a Buttercup...". 

Starry-eyed surprise

This is another proposed cover illustration for HAIRFREAK, although this brings out the celeb in Minerva more than her ditsy-ness and absurdity. I went a little bonkers with the side profile, particularly with the face. But this illustration reminds me of something that I should have done a long time back. Download brushes. Yep, I desperately need to do that. Enough with those stars. I can barely imagine how she would walk in a dress like that. Its a good thing I don't have to animate that! :P 

Looptootle's back

I guess its a little healthy to stray out of everyday concerns and just indulge in those arbid 'photoshop moments'. For someone in the field of design, its like a breath of fresh air. So today I went back to the Minerva Looptootle's section on HAIRFREAK that I had been working on last month, and just touched it up a little. I wasn't very satisfied with the cover I came up with the last time, I guess colour's an essential important and an undeniable element. Can't wait to finish it!   

The Grammia Virgo

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Just the other day I was leafing through this mamoth book on moths entitled 'Night visions'. I was seemingly lost and hopeful at the time I picked up the tattered remains of this particular volume. Needless to say, I'm not particularly fascinated by the species, but something about those large glossy photographs drew me into this wild labyrinth (literally, I mean) and got my creative juices flowing! The next minute I just HAD to grab a sketchbook, HAD to scrounge my depleting source of colour pencils and HAD to sketch!!! I drew inspiration from a specific species of moth called the 'GRAMMIA VIRGO' and came up with another creature. 

Hair! Hair! Hair!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I'm trying  to get a hand around this whole 'working with vectors' fad. I downloaded a few illustrator tutorials to understand the techniques..but ehh..turns out, I was totally not in the mood of following an online jargon. Fetched my rusty rotering pen and a couple of pencils and started pitching my theme. Its entitled 'HAIRfreak: Minnerva Looptootle's miraculous guide to hair'. I've just about started an have a long way to go, but I'm liking this nonsensical 'keeda'. Its pretty amusing. :)

Finally! A new theme surfaces!

I've just been entagled in too many obigations to think straight!! I really don't know how long its been since I settled down to sketch on my own, so I decided to use this extra week to come up with a new concept. Edward Scissorhands meets Sweeny Todd. That's all I'm gonna reveal for now. Lets hope the sketches keep rolling

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