Final clay model

Saturday, August 2, 2008

This is the clay model of the creature that I came up with. It still has to be coloured with acrylic paints..but I'm taking a rain check right now. Will have to make sure that its complete before my jury though!!! Even getting this far was not me...

Outta pure junk man!!!

Its always a great retreat to venture out of the realm of paper and pencils. This stands especially true if you're not too good in sketching portraits and caricatures like me. So I threw in a tupperware lid, a handful of bay leaves, a broken sharpener and a chonchshell for the lips. Two board clips for the ears and a pair of digene tablets as a substitute for my big pearly earrings!!! So very me!!! 

Put 'em up monsters!!

The whole idea of designing a monster for a feature film seemed at first pretty intimidating. It was like delving into a alien territory of claws and teeth and drooling monsters. Nevertheless, this beast is a hybrid of three creatures, namely, a lynx, comodo dragon and a frill neck lizard. Its a fiesty monster who simply loves stalking its prey and unleashing its reptillian frill. Lets just hope it gets selected for the film!!! :P
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