It is not just a wrapper..its a title of a blog

Thursday, September 14, 2006

It is quite obvious that the title of this blog must have greatly intrigued you. You must have been like, "that's such a bizzare title for a really..". Well, if truth be told, it is. If I had my way I wouldn't have snuck into my semi-consciousness to retrive what turned out to be a bizzarely-uncharacteristic and unorthodox string of title. I didn't really. I just remembered the chocolate wrapper that is lying in my pocket right now, one that is anxiously awaiting to be devoured by the large green dustbin eyeing me wearidly from its forlorn corner near the door.

So why a chocolate wrapper u ask? Well, it is a very mundane thing. Something that is an evidence of a couple of taste buds being wound into action , triggering a couple of very comforting hormones which make the task of devouring a chocolate an epic of pandemic pleasure. It maybe the sharing of a token of friendship, a hunger strike, the diet of a regular bulemic..anything..simply anything.

The wrapper in my pocket is a reminder of the time spent under a majestic tree wondering whether my presence made a difference to the "way of the world". I know I shall ask myself the same question when I retrive it one last time before throwing it into the dustbin. So I am sitting here and asking you to answer my question. Why has this simple action of retrieving a chocolate wrapper made me deeply sensitive about philosophy and compelled me to start my first blog?? Nay nay, my friends. Here, I shall write stories that have somehow spun their way into the tunnel of my thoughts and touched me worth a billion volts.

Pray with me that I succeed.
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