Coming soon....!!

Saturday, April 28, 2007

I am in the process of illustrating a short limmerick that I wrote a some time back. The technique does pay some justice to my great obsession with detailing and fascination with monotones. I was greatly inspired by the illustration style by Tony DiTerlizzi for 'Spiderwick Chronicles', which is somewhat similar. Also, I illustrated keeping in mind the visual and literal details of my all time favourite author Lemony Snickett.

The Story of a.....what???

I'm posting my first comic book entitled the "Story of the Anglerfish", which I attempted in a workshop conducted last semester. This project is an important landmark for me for many reasons. It marks my first exploration with photo inks and also my first attempt with photoshop. This story is about a boy named Damien Rice who is declared an Aquaphobic (by accident!). As a result his upbringing is very uniquely moulded by his very talented and control-freak mother, Marge. Damien's sedentary lifestyle is suddenly shaken by the discovery of a new passion, one that becomes the greatest determinant of his fate.

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