Wednesday, February 9, 2011

"Don't do that Buttercup!"
A Portrait
Bongo is always keen to pose for the camera
Buttercup at the helm
A heavy colony of 'summer shower' growing on our walls

Buttercup always keeps an eye out for visitors at the gate
'Summer shower' it is
Buttercup in all her glory
A retreat into shady pastures
Guess who is in charge?
The bountiful Incas

The past four months at home have been like a retreat into my childhood days. Almost like a long vacation that I never had in the last 11 years. The whole experience has humbled me and made me reach even deeper for my roots and family ties. From cool foggy mornings, to cosy family campfires, I shall always remember these days, particularly waking up with my dogs snuggling next to me amidst an ocean of blankets. Pure winter bliss. As I get ready for another giant leap and make a nose-dive back into city-life, I thought I would share with you, little glimpses of what my life has been like for the last four months.

P.S.- I learned a great deal of gardening this time, so you shall have to bear with an outburst of marigold incas in this post! :)
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